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  ECU Tuning How is it done

How is it done

Weather you come to AQ Tuning HQ’s or visit one of our approved tuning centres like VDDS LTD in the UK you will be assured to receive the same level of high standards of service we pride ourselves on.
There are several things which must be done before we tune any vehicle. And the below step by step process assures us that the vehicle which we are working on is capable and safe enough to tune.
When your vehicle  first arrives we will firstly make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical order by way visual inspection of the engine bay and components including full diagnostics.
This is done by using dealer level diagnostic equipment to make sure there are no faults stored inside the ECU. If there are any faults it could well be they were there from a previous fault and not cleared using correct manufacture specific diagnostic tools.
We will proceed to clear any existing fault codes should there be any and then take the vehicle for long test drive approximately 10km to make sure there are no drive train issues and everything is as it should be.
Once we return we will once again use our diagnostic equipment to check if there are any previous faults reoccurring or new faults which have become evident after last drive cycle.
If we find any new faults depending on the severity we will.
Advise and continue with the mapping process
Or we ask for the fault to be repaired before any  ECU mapping can be carried out.
If there is no diagnostic trouble codes stored we can now begin the Ecu tuning process.
The first job to do when a new E.C.U. type arrives is for the chip content to be read and stored on a PC.
This is achieved by way of  reading the data over the OBDII port or physically removing the ECU from the vehicle and opening it on the bench to read out the data using BDM tool.
Once the data has been read out and saved to our PC, using a combination of in-house software, in-depth experience of engine management software, and processor instruction sets the maps of interest are identified.
Engine analyser, serial data stream reader and a real-time in-circuit emulator are then used to rewrite the map contents to achieve the required results.
The new modified chip content, complete with necessary checksums is then programmed via the OBDII port or on the Bench using BDM Tool.
After the new data has been installed into the ECU the vehicle will be again taken on test drive for approx 10km where it will be driven under gentle and hard acceleration throughout the rev range to make sure there are no issues with the changes made during ecu data modifications.
As long as there was no problems during the test drive we will lastly test the vehicle again with our diagnostic tools to make sure there are no hidden faults stored in the ECU. The vehicle will be now  be back in your possession for you to test drive and you can be on your way as another happy AQ tuning customer.
The whole process takes around 2 to 3hours depending on vehicle.