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  ECU Tuning FAQ's


How long does the Remapping take?
A : 1-2 Hours is needed to remap your car as we carry out a full car diagnostics before and after.
Why don't the manufactures do this from standard?
A : Manufacturers have to allow for the fact that the vehicle could be going anywhere in the world. This is significant because they have to allow for constantly hot climates very cold climates, and very poor fuels. They also have to allow for customers abusing the car, for example completely missing service intervals. When we re-map your vehicle, it’s mainly for performance however it is also fine tuning the engine to run perfectly, as each individual engine is different. When we're finished, your car will run as it always should have done.
Why do you need to remove some ECU’s to be able to remap them?
A : 95% of the time we can remap Cars through the OBD2 Diagnostics Connector, sometimes its not possible to communicate through the OBD2 usually this happens if the cars ECU has been tampered with before. So we simply have to remove the ECU from the Car and remap in on the bench in boot mode.
If in the future I decided to sell the car and would like it back standard could you do this?
A : Yes we store all original ECU Maps in our Database so it’s a simple case of just remapping the original map back to the car.
How will the remap affect my fuel consumption?
A : Depending on what your requirements are and your driving style depends on what your fuel economy will be.
If you go for an out right maximum power output and drive it as so, you can expect to see it decrease as it would without the map. If you get the map to increase torque low down and drive conservatively then it is likely that fuel economy will improve. In a Diesel to an extent you control the amount of fuel injected with your right foot. The Overall consumption is governed by the average RPM over a Journey. With more torque you can stay in a higher gear for longer and so maintain a lower journey RPM and improve     economy.
How will the remap affect the longevity of my engine?
A : The remap will obviously increase the power output of your vehicle and depending on how you drive depends on how reliable it is for you. If you drive it harder then naturally you can expect to decrease the life of your engine but likewise if you thrashed it without even having it mapped then you would expect this to be the case. In overall terms an additional 30% power increase could be expected to reduce engine life by something like 3%. But in a modern engine which should be good for 300 thousand miles plus if properly maintained this is a very small price to pay.
I intend to make further modifications...?
A : Again, let us know what you’re planning so we can advise the best way forward and can even offer great package deals on other performance upgrades.
Is remapping better then chipping or Tuning Boxes?
A : OBD remapping is the modern technique replacing chipping. It reads and writes on your ECU via the OBD port and does not invalidate warranties. Chipping your car requires opening of the ECU and installing a pre-programmed chip which is a fixed one map suits all. They do not take into account other modifications and are not mapped to suit particular requirements. This is not a resistor that fools your ECU or tricks the pressure sensor on the fuel rail into lifting the pressure beyond acceptable levels. We alter thirty plus maps on some vehicles to achieve the proper results ensuring reliable smooth performance which works hand in hand with the Engine Managements Diagnostic Systems.
What about my insurance?
A : This is up to you. We have to advise that you inform your insurance companies that the remap has been carried out but it is extremely difficult to detect. Ultimately it is your responsibility.
Q : What if I want to sell my car?
A : If you wish to sell the car with the map on then no problem, if you wish to have it reversed back to      standard after a period of time then again no problem. Usually there is no charge other than travel.
What warranty do you give?
A : As we change nothing on your car other than a software map, there is nothing for us to give a warranty on other than the contents of the software against corruption and faults. If for some obscure reason you suffer a problem, we will do our utmost to help you including returning your car to standard for any testing.
Why should I choose AQ-Tuning over the dozens of other tuners in the Marketplace?
A : Simply Experience and Reputation.
We develop all our own software and so when we tune your engine we are not just downloading a piece of software which we know nothing about onto your vehicle. You wouldn't pay someone to tune a piano by listening to it down the phone and using a middle man to adjust the strings would you?
There are major advantages from having a software engineer work directly on your vehicle such as options to choose power levels and throttle response rates etc. Also if there is a problem it can be dealt with straight away.
Other companies simply download software via the internet from a tuner somewhere who turns out hundreds of files a day and who simply tunes every car the same way. We offer a personal service backed up by years of experience.