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  About Us

About Us

Welcome to our About us page.

We are a global supplier of Automotive diagnostics tools with on site repair facility for many of the big name brands in the Industry.

With our offices setup in UK, China, Hong Kong and Thailand we have the ability to service your requirements backed with over 20years experience in the motor vehicle Industry.

Empowered with our strong technical support and no non sense customer service for sales and after sales service we strive to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

At VDDS Ltd we pride ourselves on the excellent knowledge we have gained over the years to help provide you the customer with the best possible package with the minimum expense spent for your diagnostic tool needs.

We are also very proud to be the only company in Europe to provide component level repairs at a fraction of the original manufacture charges on Launch X431 products, Autoboss, Bosch, GM MDI, Tech 2 among many other diagnostic scanners.

Our aim is to keep you up to date with one of the fastest growing industries so you can continue to provide your customers with the same level of professionalism we like to serve you with.

Should there be a product or service your looking for and you do not find it on our website please give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be more then happy to assist you in finding more information about what you need.

As a side note we would like to remind all our visitors to our website that marketing may not be a strong suit for certain diagnostic tool suppliers but there knowledge might be unparalleled to others in the Industry who make nice flashy websites with a great marketing scheme which makes them not only look and feel better but can dupe you into losing a lot of money when it was totally unnecessary and you could have saved money by just talking to the right people in the know.

Don't just read the website and buy on impulse give them a call and see how much they actually do know about what they sell you will be surprised how little they know about what they sell and in the long term its you the customer who loses.

Give us a call and test our knowledge and be pleasantly surprised at how much we could save you and your business.