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  Launch X431 LAUNCH X431 SUPER 16


SKU SKU18029


The Launch Super 16 Connector is compatible with all vehicles using the 16-pin standard socket and removes the need to change connections with the latest CAN BUS connectors configured in the Launch X-431 series.

Launch X-431 has a number of 16-pin OBD II style plugs such as OBD II 16C, Smart OBD and CANBUSII. While the machine will ultimately let you know which plug to use, this will only occur once you have connected to the car and you therefore lose valuable time in the process.

The Super 16 diagnostic connector covers the functions of both these popular plugs in addition to a range of other plugs, so you can connect to the vehicles immediately and begin carrying out diagnostics without having to change to the required adapter.

As is especially true in the garage trade, time is money and a time saving tool such as this can make a huge difference to your day. The Super 16 Connecter features built-in high speed, low speed, double and single line CAN-BUS as well as OBD II diagnostic connector compatible with all vehicles.

The Super 16 Adapter is a recommended piece of equipment for owners of the X431 and X431 tool.

Please Note: The functionality that this adapter offers has been included in the X431 Master and X431 Diagun and so is unnecessary in these instances.

Another benefit of Launch Super 16 is that the firmware can be upgraded. As Launch increases the coverage of new vehicle diagnostics systems, they will release free firmware updates to keep you connected.