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  DPF Removal Services

DPF Removal Services

DPF Removal Services
What is a DPF
The new modern diesel vehicles don’t seem to ‘smoke’ like they did ten years ago. In reality, they do. Yes, things have objectively improved, but an ingenious plan also ensured that the problem is tackled, at least on the surface.
The plan involves ‘catching’ all the black soot via a filtering device, while one drives around town. Then, when the car is being driven at higher speeds, whatever has been collected in the filter would be blown out and expelled. So, in the name of the environment, (and as that soot has to go somewhere), an entire month worth of soot is going to be dumped on the side of the motorway, or in the countryside. 
If you ever see a modern car belting down the motorway, emitting a cloud of smoke, the chances are that its engine is spot on, but that its ECU is performing a ‘regeneration cycle’. 
On modern DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)- equipped engines, the regeneration cycle does not perform anything more complicated than pumping in vast quantities of diesel into the exhaust side of the engine, (far more than could ever be burnt properly), in an effort to heat up the DPF enough to blast its contents out the back of the car and into the air vents of the poor driver following it.
So what next?
Well... you can either replace it or remove it. If, however, you have this problem because of your urban driving habits, you are likely to suffer a repeat of the problem with the next one. A new DPF will cost a four figure sum from the main dealer.
However, you can have it removed altogether.  
Removal is considerably more cost-effective than an outright replacement, and it is a permanent fix.
So I can just take it off?
Well.. no. There is often a substantial amount of work involved to remove it: the car needs to be raised from the ground, and a number of workshop specialist tools are used to perform the removal.
What is DPF ‘delete’?
Once the DPF has been removed, the engine’s management system has to have the regeneration process (inbuilt in its memory) removed from it.
DPF Removals are becoming very common as the years progress,they continue to fail and manufacturers continue to release newer cars with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is also known as a Filtre à Particules (FAP) and some people even dealerships refer to it as CATS (Catalytic Converters) however,they should not be mistaken as they operate differently.Having the DPF removed is meant to bring peace of mind. After having endless battles up & down the motorway trying to regenerate your DPF, spending £100′s if not £1000′s taking it to dealerships for regenerations / oil changes and actual DPF replacements – a DPF Removal is meant to take the problem away completely & forever, leaving you with a vehicle that is reliable, efficient and responsive, with zero errors & zero problems.
Give one of our friendly staff a call who will be happy to quote you for a price for full DPF removal and file delete service or if you have already removed your DPF and just require a modified file to delete the Regeneration process we will be happy to help.